April & May.

I feel a little sheepish about having made such an effort to get this new space put together, then leaving it to gather dust for a couple months.  Ah, well.

I finished my third nursing semester last week, took this week to take a few gulping breaths, then I'll jump into pathophysiology next Tuesday.  It'll be seven and a half weeks of clinging for dear life and praying for the best, then I'm free for the remainder of the summer!  I can hardly believe I have one last semester before I sit for my licensure exam.  

Olivia has watched a couple History Channel Bigfoot specials with her dad and suddenly she is regaling me with all the "proof" of his existence.  As she senses my skepticism, her emphatic claims ramp up in both volume and earnestness. "They found a nest. A HUGE NEST. With sticks and leaves, exactly Bigfoot's size."  "One guy even saw him, Mom.  He saw him and got scared, so he threw this tantrum, shouting, 'HEY, SHOO! GET OUT OF HERE!' Because he got scared when he saw Bigfoot's hairy face.  Did you know he has a pink nose?  And it looks just like ours, but it's pink. Seriously, Mom."  She hypothesizes that if the people out there searching for Bigfoot would simply shout out, "Bigfoot!  We want to meet you, but we'll keep you a secret!", then he would be far more inclined to let people see him.  Biggest topic of conversation 'round these parts.

Grey is nearly ten months old.  He is a whirling tornado of destruction.  Trash cans and toilet paper are his favorite targets, which means the doors of the bathrooms must be shut at all times.  If you forget, he'll find out!  He jabbers, teases, and is in that fun rudimentary language stage where he is clearly beginning to understand some phrases and commands.  This kid will eat anything; we like to joke, "Is it edible? Grey likes it."  He's a pretty small guy, but he continually shocks me at how much he will eat in a sitting.  He doesn't love to be fed from a spoon, but if his meal is broken into little pieces on his tray, he's thrilled.  I'll be glad when his molars come through to help with his chewing!  He's got eight teeth right now, but I suspect his molars will make their way out fairly soon.  My kids have proven to be pretty prolific teethers.

Grey and cousin Porter.

A couple of boys with Grandpa.


This new crawl is cracking me up!

Ladybugs and bumblebees.

O and her favorite velociraptor in his daily perch during breakfast.

It's almost time for a haircut!  He's getting little curls back there.

Grey's newest party trick.

Pulling alllll the pjs out of the drawers.

I love these two crazies!

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Picture dump.

I'm throwing this post up solely to get these pictures out of the way.  They are old enough that Grey looks bitty in them to me!

Grey and cousin Parker.

A few pics from my mother-in-law's stay in April.

Grey's first movie.  He was a dream.

Real post to come soon.